Employee Well-being Trends Shaping the Workplace: Focus on Preventive Health

By By Calvin Mayo, CTO at Alula Technologies

20 Jun 2024, 11:27

Employers are increasingly investing in preventive health measures, following the age-old adage “prevention is better than cure”. They are recognising that proactive strategies can address health issues before they escalate, consequently fostering a healthier, more productive workforce. This shift includes wellness screenings, health assessments, and healthy lifestyle initiatives. This article delves into crucial industry developments driving this trend, the impact of preventive health programmes, the challenges companies face, and the future of employee preventive health. 

Industry Developments 

Preventive health is gaining momentum in the workplace, driven by several key industry developments. One of the most significant is the integration of digital health platforms. These platforms enable real-time health monitoring and personalised wellness programmes, catering to each employee's unique needs. Another critical development is the holistic approach to employee health, which encompasses mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This comprehensive strategy aims to detect potential health risks early, promote healthy behaviours, and reduce healthcare costs, ultimately leading to a more engaged and productive workforce. 

Alula's VivaScore embodies this trend with a digital health solution designed to promote significant behavioural changes. VivaScore provides personalised health metrics, enabling employees to monitor their well-being and fostering a culture of health within the organisation. By integrating with other benefits and offering feedback loops and data analytics, VivaScore helps employers tailor their wellness programmes effectively. This strategic approach supports the individual health goals of employees and aligns with the broader objectives of organisational productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Impact Assessment 

Each year, millions of working days and skilled professionals are lost to sickness and long-term health issues. According to a study by Zurich and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the cost of long-term sick leave in the UK is expected to double by 2030, costing the economy £66.3bn per year in lost productivity. Another finding in the report is that in the last six years, the number of workers with long-term illnesses increased by 27%. Small and medium-sized businesses are experiencing a higher rate of increase in sick days compared to large organisations. 

Preventive health programmes enable early detection and better health management, improving long-term health outcomes. For instance, regular screenings of blood pressure and heart rate variability assist individuals to pick up on conditions like heart disease and hypertension helping identify health issues before they become more serious, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. Additionally, these programmes often include educational components that empower individuals with the knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices, potentially reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions. 

Studies have shown that preventive measures can also lead to cost savings by decreasing the need for more extensive medical treatment down the line. This proactive stance improves individual health and benefits public health by reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases through vaccinations and other preventive strategies.  

Challenges and Solutions 

Implementing preventive health measures in the workplace can be challenging. One of the most significant challenges is addressing mental health and stress, which can lead to a lack of employee engagement and productivity. Additionally, there are logistical challenges in conducting health screenings and maintaining employee participation in wellness programs. Alula's VivaScore solution assists HR departments in overcoming these obstacles by offering a non-invasive digital health check that makes preventive care more accessible. Using VivaScore HR departments can conduct health screenings easily, fostering a culture of health and safety.  

Future Trends 

Looking ahead, several trends are anticipated in employee preventive health. There is a growing focus on holistic well-being, integrating physical, mental, and emotional health into comprehensive wellness programmes. The aftermath of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of such an approach, with a significant shift from traditional physical health-focused programmes to more personalised and flexible solutions. 

Technology is playing a pivotal role in this transformation. Digital solutions like Alula's VivaScore are essential in delivering personalised health metrics and fostering a culture of healthy choices. Alula adapts to these trends by enhancing the VivaScore solution with features like real-time health status summaries and insightful feedback to help users improve their health. These enhancements aim to provide a more tailored and practical wellness experience. Integrating VivaScore into broader platforms underscores a strategic shift towards data-driven personalisation, aligning with the future of work where employee wellness is a key component of organisational success. 

In conclusion, preventive health measures reshape the workplace by promoting early detection, fostering healthy behaviours, and reducing healthcare costs. Solutions like Alula's VivaScore are at the forefront of this trend, offering innovative tools that enhance employee well-being strategies and support a healthier, more productive workforce. 


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