Alula Technologies and Ally Health Successfully Complete Pilot Study with Hannover Re, Showcasing Innovative Health Monitoring Solutions

By Simon Spurr, Executive Director at Alula Technologies

27 Jun 2024, 09:15

London, UK - June 27, 2024 - Alula Technologies and Ally Health, global leaders in health and wellness technology solutions, have announced the successful completion of an exciting pilot study in collaboration with Hannover Re. This pilot aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Alula’s VivaScore technology in enhancing health awareness, facilitating early disease detection, and providing a better understanding of health status and risk stratification. The study also explored strategies for meaningful engagement with policyholders.

Pilot Study Overview: The pilot study, conducted over 12 weeks from November to January, integrated Alula’s digital health platform with smartphones, wearables, rPPG imaging, together with various blood markers and biometrics gathered from in-person health checks provided by Ally Health. The primary objective was to assess the impact of VivaScore on improving health awareness and to investigate the combined use of digital and clinical data for preventive health measures and early risk identification/stratification.

Insights from VivaScore: VivaScore leverages advanced technology to provide a comprehensive view of an individual's health by tracking a variety of key health metrics. Through the use of remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) imaging and integration with wearable devices, VivaScore can monitor:

•    Blood Pressure: Continuous monitoring for better management and early detection of hypertension.
•    Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability:
Indicators of cardiovascular health and stress levels.
•    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk:
Assessment based on a combination of metrics to identify individuals at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
•    Mental Health Metrics:
Tracking stress, anxiety, and depression scores to provide insights into mental well-being.

By combining these digital health metrics with clinical data from in-person diagnostics, VivaScore offers a holistic view of an individual's health, enabling more accurate risk assessment and tailored health recommendations.

Key Findings:

•    High Engagement: 237 digital health checks were recorded, with 45% of participants completing a check every fortnight and over 90% completing at least one check per month.
•    Positive User Feedback:
41% of participants discovered new health information, and 32% reported behaviour changes by the end of the pilot. Participants appreciated the convenience of rPPG face scanning and the seamless integration with wearable devices.
•    Impact on Insurance:
The pilot demonstrated the potential of digital health monitoring to improve risk assessment and enable personalised wellness programmes, highlighting the value for insurers in proactive health management.

Addressing Health Challenges: The pilot study comes at a time when healthcare systems worldwide are facing significant challenges, including long wait times, delays in diagnosis, and barriers to adopting new treatments and health technologies. Specific health challenges such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mental health issues are particularly prevalent:

•    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): More than half of the UK population will experience CVD in their lifetime, with a significant portion remaining undiagnosed. Early detection and continuous monitoring can lead to timely interventions, reducing the overall disease burden.
•    Mental Health:
One in four people in England experience a mental health problem annually. Continuous monitoring and early identification of stress, anxiety, and depression can significantly improve mental health outcomes.

Encouraging Preventative Health: Alula Technologies and Ally Health's innovative solutions, such as VivaScore, empower individuals to actively track and manage their health regularly. VivaScore enables users to monitor key health metrics, encouraging small but significant behavioural changes that can lead to improved health outcomes over time. This continuous engagement promotes a proactive approach to health management, helping to prevent more serious health issues.

Participant Insights: Participants expressed significant appreciation for the insights gained through the app:

•    “I have found the app useful and it’s told me things about my health that I didn’t know.”
•    “I learned more about my cholesterol i.e., there are good and bad types.”
•    “I think it’s great software. I’m pleased I know more about my health now and can see how it would be useful for an insurer.”

Webinar Follow-up: To further discuss the findings and implications of this pilot study, Hannover Re hosted a webinar in collaboration with Alula Technologies and Ally Health on June 11th. The event, featuring key speakers from both companies and Hannover Re, provided an in-depth analysis of the pilot results and discussed future applications of the technology in the insurance sector. The recording of the webinar is available here.

Pilot Study Article: For a detailed overview of the pilot study, please read the full article here.

About Hannover Re: Hannover Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurers. It transacts all lines of property & casualty and life & health reinsurance and is present worldwide with more than 3,500 staff. German business of the Hannover Re Group is written by the subsidiary E+S Rück. Established in 1966, Hannover Re is recognised as a reliable partner for innovative risk solutions, exceptional customer intimacy and financial soundness. The rating agencies most relevant to the insurance industry have awarded both Hannover Re and E+S Rück outstanding financial strength ratings: Standard & Poor's AA- "Very Strong" and A.M. Best A+ "Superior".

About Alula Technologies: Alula Technologies is a global technology group headquartered in London, UK. They provide innovative solutions to clients in the insurance, healthcare, and employee benefits industries, leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance risk understanding and improve customer experiences. Their flagship product, VivaScore, combines health and wellness data to offer a comprehensive view of an individual’s health, driving more accurate and faster decision-making processes.

About Ally Health: Ally Health specialises in tech-enabled clinical care at home, delivering high-quality care directly to patients' doorsteps. Their platform enables effective clinical care on-demand, enhancing accessibility and health outcomes. Ally Health's solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare workflows, providing comprehensive and efficient clinical pathways.

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