Alula Technologies joins Microsoft Digital Native Programme

By Alula Technologies

18 Jan 2024, 12:30

UK-headquartered technology solutions firm for the insurance, healthcare, and pension fund industries, Alula Technologies, has been selected for the Microsoft Digital Native Programme.
The move marks a step change in Alula's journey, allowing the company to showcase its commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech industry to an even wider audience.

Alula Technologies has set ambitious goals as part of the programme, including: acquiring a specific number of new customer accounts in collaboration with Microsoft; increasing overall utilisation and consumption of Microsoft Azure Cloud and AI services; and expanding into select new territories in partnership with Microsoft.

Lee Kuyper, CEO of Alula Technologies, said:

‘We are thrilled to take our engagement with Microsoft to the next level.
‘Being part of the Digital Native Programme allows us to deepen our relationship with Microsoft, leveraging this partnership as a competitive advantage.
‘Our focus will be on incorporating Microsoft's AI into our product suite, especially targeting the insurance, health, and pension fund industries.’

Dean Erasmus, Microsoft Director for Digital Natives Africa, highlighted the programme's role in Alula's growth.

He said; ‘Our objective is to partner with digital natives like Alula Technologies, where our technology and programmes can drive growth," says Erasmus.
"We are excited to support Alula in expanding into new markets and integrating AI technologies into their solutions, enhancing their product offerings.’

Alula Technologies plans to use this opportunity to expand into new regions, including the UK, UAE, and additional African markets.

‘Microsoft's presence in every market we target offers us a unique advantage,’ added Kuyper.
‘We are looking forward to working alongside Microsoft to introduce our solutions through existing relationships and leverage the contracting mechanisms in place with Microsoft.’

He concludes:
‘The Alula strategy centres around improving industries like insurance, health, and pension funds through cutting-edge technology.
‘Microsoft's investments in cloud, data, and AI services make them an ideal partner for us. Together, we aim to make a significant impact on these industries.’

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