Alula Partnership with NuraLogix For Reimagined Health Monitoring

By Michael Keefe, VP of Global Sales at NuraLogix & Simon Spurr, Executive Director at Alula

06 Jun 2024, 10:09

6 June 2024 Alula, a global technology group specialising in providing advanced technologies to clients in insurance, employee benefits, and healthcare, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with NuraLogix, an innovator in Affective Aitechnology and remote health assessment platforms. 

Alula has enhanced its digital health solutions, particularly the VivaScore app, using NuraLogix’s patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology. This integration allows non-invasive health and wellness measurements to be accurately determined in 30 seconds using common devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops equipped with a camera and internet connection. This technology is supported by substantial scientific research, including 13 peer-reviewed journal articles and protected by over 18 U.S. patents. 

"The integration of our Affective Ai™ technology with Alula's solutions marks a significant milestone in health technology," said Michael Keefe, VP of Global Sales at NuraLogix. "By enabling quick and accurate health assessments, we are opening up new possibilities for remote health parameters measuring that were previously unimaginable." 

The TOI™ technology leverages a patented process where the device camera analyses facial blood flow patterns to measure vital physiological markers such as pulse rate, blood pressure, and breathing rates. These are processed using NuraLogix’s DeepAffex cloud-based AI engine, delivering real-time health insights directly to users’ devices. This enhances user engagement and empowers them with immediate, actionable health insights. 

Simon Spurr, Executive Director at Alula, commented, "Our partnership with NuraLogix not only enhances the capabilities of our VivaScore app but also aligns with our mission to transform health management through technology. This collaboration will lead to improved health outcomes for our users and provide them with the tools necessary for proactive health understanding and management." 

The partnership will also bring significant value to the insurance industry. The integration of NuraLogix’s technology into Alula's solutions will accelerate the usage of emerging AI-based tools for assessing risk, onboarding customers, and pricing insurance policies. By combining NuraLogix and Alula's technologies, companies can focus resources on high-value customers and have a comprehensive real-time health assessment to augment traditional data sources used by actuaries to assess risk and price a policy. This will enable “dynamic underwriting” of certain life insurance policies and reduce the need to send a nurse to collect samples, significantly cutting costs. Additionally, the partnership will: 

  • Triage prospects to focus resources on high-value policies and reduces the risk of those applicants who may not qualify.  

  • Generate more accurate risk scores and assessments. 

  • Save money. 

  • Reduce fraud. 

NuraLogix is dedicated to improving global health through its Affective Ai™ technology. The partnership with Alula aligns perfectly with this mission, offering practical and impactful solutions that are accessible and convenient. This collaboration is expected to transform how remote health assessments are conducted, providing a critical tool for continuous health monitoring. 

The integration of NuraLogix’s technology into the existing VivaScore app enhances its capabilities. With NuraLogix’s advanced technology, captures vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate in real-time. This allows for immediate, personalised health feedback, promoting regular monitoring and proactive health management. 

Through this collaboration, Alula and NuraLogix aim to leverage their respective expertise to drive innovation and deliver enhanced digital health solutions to their customers. This partnership is expected to open new markets and enhance service offerings to Alula’s clientele across employer groups, health and life insurance, and healthcare sectors. 

This partnership underscores Alula’s commitment to integrating technology to elevate the customer experience and optimise health management solutions. By incorporating NuraLogix’s advanced TOI™ facial scanning technology into the VivaScore app, Alula enhances its offerings, providing more comprehensive and appealing services to its clients. 

About Alula Technologies  

Alula Technologies provides clients in the insurance, employee benefits and healthcare industries with technologies to help them better understand risk, improve business processes and customer experiences. We integrate rich data insights with modern technologies to unlock efficiencies and drive effective decisioning. 

About NuraLogix 

NuraLogix is a pioneer in the development of Affective Aiand the creator of contactless blood pressure measurement technology. The company’s patented cloud-based Affective Ai Platform- DeepAffex can measure over 100 health and wellness parameters using a conventional video camera and its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technique to extract facial blood flow information from the human face. This is demonstrated in the company’s groundbreaking Anura app.  

Affective Ai is the intersection between Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence. It is the ability to recognize, measure, predict, and simulate human affects that take the form of physiological and psychological states using AI-trained models. 

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